We Took to the Woods

Human beings are fascinating creatures, created with a craving for change and movement, while at the same time longing for tradition and stability that stands firm in the midst of the dynamic life we live. And somehow, the stability makes the change all the sweeter, and the change makes the stability all the stronger.

And then there are seasons, the cycles that bring change, but return us to heat and cold, blossoms and withering, beautiful leaves year after year. The earth brings us the old and the new simultaneously; it satisfies our desires, and that’s because we were made for this place, and it for us.

WeTooktotheWoodsStorefrontSometimes it takes a walk in the woods to become reacquainted with the beauty of age and the beauty of youth, to be re-enamoured with this place we live in, and to celebrate the fact that so much of what we desire can be satisfied as long as we have the heart to receive the gifts we’ve been given.

And that, in a nutshell, is why our store exists–so that you can take a walk in the woods.

-written by Jonathan Allston

A Winter Wedding

We believe that weddings should be about communities, and those who love the bride creating something beautiful in her honor.  The chef brings his food, the vinedresser his wine, the seamstress her dresses and the tailor his suits.  We all bring something of our own place and story to bless a marriage: thus, for a winter wedding at a Victorian farmhouse, we offer the blessings of wool and firelight in the cold, heirlooms and rustic pieces for just the right touch of nostalgia, the warmth of a family gathering, and simple, beautiful reflections of the farm itself.  


We were thrilled to have this shoot featured on 100 Layer Cake.

Many thanks to Aaron Greene for the beautiful images & Bryan and Meghan Fowler, some of the best hairstylists we know.

A Holiday Gathering

If this is truly the most wonderful time of the year, it is so because it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the good things we have and the good people we love. It also gives us the chance to consider what it would be like to make all our life a celebration and a feast. We want to take this chance to share how we seek to ignite our celebratory imagination with wonderful food, beautiful things, and delightful people. Enjoy the pictures, and may your holiday gatherings stir your heart toward what is good and lovely.