Summer Dinner Party


Photography by Aaron Greene


A Proper Shave

WTTTWSHAVING-2It seems  that most men should remember their first shave. More than likely, it was when the 12 year old version of oursleves were told that, as proud as we were of our peach fuzz, it really needed to go. Dad might have been the one to tell us. He’s good at telling us hard things to hear, but that in the end are really good for us.

And if he was in tune with the finer things in life, he taught us how to prep our faces with a hot, soaked rag, how to soften the bristles of our brush in hot water, how to spread shaving cream or soap suds across our face (or upper lip) like an expert painter, how to grip a nice, heavy razor in our hand,  how to shave with long, even strokes, and finally, how to splash on aftershave with the virtue of restraint.

But some of us didn’t get the proper “how to shave” talk. Maybe it’s time we caught up and made the morning shave one of the finer things in life.



Prospector Co. Shaving products and Lightfoot’s Pure Pine Gentleman’s Shave Soap available at We Took to the Woods.

Written by Jonathan Allston

A Winter Wedding

We believe that weddings should be about communities, and those who love the bride creating something beautiful in her honor.  The chef brings his food, the vinedresser his wine, the seamstress her dresses and the tailor his suits.  We all bring something of our own place and story to bless a marriage: thus, for a winter wedding at a Victorian farmhouse, we offer the blessings of wool and firelight in the cold, heirlooms and rustic pieces for just the right touch of nostalgia, the warmth of a family gathering, and simple, beautiful reflections of the farm itself.  


We were thrilled to have this shoot featured on 100 Layer Cake.

Many thanks to Aaron Greene for the beautiful images & Bryan and Meghan Fowler, some of the best hairstylists we know.

Coffee Brewing

We hosted a coffee brewing demonstration at the store this week.  Stumptown’s Guatemala Finca el Injerto- Bourbon was brewed using three different methods: cone pour over, chemex, and siphon vacuum pot.  The variation of flavor among the three was fascinating, and Vagabond Barista did an awesome job explaining and demonstrating each one.  It was a great time.  Thanks, Will.

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Spring at We Took to the Woods

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