Summer Dinner Party


Photography by Aaron Greene


Coffee Brewing

We hosted a coffee brewing demonstration at the store this week.  Stumptown’s Guatemala Finca el Injerto- Bourbon was brewed using three different methods: cone pour over, chemex, and siphon vacuum pot.  The variation of flavor among the three was fascinating, and Vagabond Barista did an awesome job explaining and demonstrating each one.  It was a great time.  Thanks, Will.

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Christmas Party

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A Holiday Gathering

If this is truly the most wonderful time of the year, it is so because it gives us the opportunity to celebrate the good things we have and the good people we love. It also gives us the chance to consider what it would be like to make all our life a celebration and a feast. We want to take this chance to share how we seek to ignite our celebratory imagination with wonderful food, beautiful things, and delightful people. Enjoy the pictures, and may your holiday gatherings stir your heart toward what is good and lovely.